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Curb Side Pickup

In these difficult times we want to help keep our customers and our staff as safe as possible. One of these initiatives is our Curb-side Pickup, just relax in your car as we bring your beer to you.

Call our number when you arrive, which is posted outside our building, and place your order. We get your beer together, bring it outside, and put it right into your car. As for paying, you can pay over the phone or in person with our brand new portable terminal. If you are paying in person, when we bring your order outside we can either leave the terminal on our cart and step away or you can tap the terminal through your car window, without even rolling it down. Regardless of whether you touch the payment terminal or not, we sanitize it after every use and wash our hands after every order is fulfilled.

We appreciate the patience of all of our customers so far, and greatly appreciate the positive response we have received for our efforts. Yes visits to our brewery are taking a little longer, but they are as safe as we can make them.

Thank you for your support,

The Old Credit Family


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