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Our Process


From the beginning we carefully brew our beer to make sure it is exactly what we want, monitoring everything right down to our sugar levels. Every batch that we produce is cooked in a fire heated copper kettle. Brewing using Canadian malt and specialty hops imported from Europe to get just the right flavour.


Once cooked we ferment our beer for two weeks at a low temperature. Remember how we carefully monitor our sugar content? Well that is so that we can fully ferment our beer leaving only trace amounts of unfermentable sugars. This is why you can drink our beer without getting bloated!


After fermentation, we ice age our beer for eight weeks at around -3 degrees celsius. This helps to remove the bitter aftertaste from our beer, gives us a clarity of flavour, and even lengthens our shelf life. Ice aging is pretty great!


We do not pasteurize, put in additives or preservatives. Instead we triple filter our beer to ensure our product is pure without any loss of flavour. 

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